Leo or not?

Honestly, I’m still kind of seesaw on what to think about leo prints…. They look divine on some women like on her, her or her. But I’m still not convinced if it’s something for me. Maybe I’m about to make up my mind…. This bag from Asos is a revelation! I know a place in my wardrobe where it would fit perfectly :O)

pictures from Asos and weheartit.com

What do you think about leo prints??

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4 Responses to “Leo or not?”

  1. Larissa

    Definitely Leo! And I love this bag…

  2. sabrina

    ssuuupppper täschä!

    mich erinneräts eifach immer no a mieni punk-ziitä, wo ich mier sälber äs leotäschli gnaait han! :)

  3. Belén

    hahaa…. hesch die täsche no Sabrina? würd mich wunder neh! :)

  4. Pamela

    lovely bag! I would love to have the kitten toooooooo!!!!!!

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