la dolce vita

…chatting with Noëlle we started dreaming of beauty Toscany! Hmmmm…bella Italia! With that beautiful landscape, that adorable folk, the delicious food (olives, mozzarella, pasta, prosciutto…oh my!) and that wine!
It’s just the perfect ambiance for chilling and enjoying life!

But wait! There’s something missing to round things up for la dolce vita!
…yeaahhh….il Fiat Cinquecento! There is no other old timer that could be a match for the cuteness of the Fiat 500!

photos by me

I love it!! Do you also feel like “aawwww..” when you see an old timer cruising down the street?? Tell me!


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3 Responses to “la dolce vita”

  1. Noëlle

    oooohhhhh mi piace tantissssssimo questo 500 ;) e anche questo luogo….
    mi manchi bella italia!!!!

  2. Larissa

    Es Rucksäckli… so herzig… I think this car is sooooo cute, but I always see me moving with that car and driving like 1000 times just to move the insides of my wardrobe hahahha… it’s just too small!

  3. Belén

    hahaa…Larissa, you better plan your move with a van! ;O) …this Fiat 500 is more like a cute and sexy accessory!

    @Noëlle: si, cuesto 500 e il meglio! il unico vero!! amore con cuore!!! hahaaa…

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