the city princess shoes

After this crazy time with finishing my bachelor thesis I just had to do myself something good. What girls need after a time full of stress is buying shoes, right? I went to my favourite shoe store in Zurich. And then, THEY were standing there. I remembered last Autumn when I first discovered them on the web, immediately fell in love and from then on craved them silently. Because the price – well, it was too much of a reason why to not buy them – no matter how pretty they were.

As I actually looked for some plateau sandals to wear with socks in Spring and without socks in Summer I ignored THEM at first. I tried on one a pair of sandals but my gaze was always redirected to THOSE pair. I couldn’t help, THEY were magnetic to me and in my head like an alert the words “I want them!” were pulsing. The sandals looked horrible and the shop assistant asked if I want to try on another pair. I stared over to THEM and said yes. She brought the shoes of my dreams and said, “It’s the last pair and guess what: They have exactly your size plus 50% discount.” And I thought “It’s like they waited for me to buy them!”. It was a sign from heaven! It’s like destiny said “This girl had a hard time. Let’s be for once good to her!”.

I put them on and the shop assistant which turns out to be a very talented seller said “Awwww they suit you perfectly! To me these shoes are for a city princess. You will wear them a long time. They’re classic.” But I only heard: “OMG, I am a city princess”. I had no choice but buy them. Though 50% discount they were still way too expensive but I’m a city princess, right? Sooo: let me introduce you to my lovely Chloés.

wearing: a vintage coat/shorts – acne/fringed top – topshop/scarve – h&m/bag – alexa mulberry/shoes – chloé

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15 Responses to “the city princess shoes”

  1. Shin

    Such lovely boots! And your plaid coat adds a touch of color to your outfit! Is that tattoo on your leg? Very cool! xoxoxoo

  2. Caty

    amazing boots! they look great with your new bag :D

  3. Belén

    you look like a real city princess!!! those boots are made for you!
    gseht supi us!

  4. Tamara

    Love those shoes!! They go with everything, amazing purchase, girl!

  5. maDame

    Du häschs dr ufjede fall verdient ;)
    Wunderschöni Schuäh!! E super schöni Farb.

    Küsschen nach Zürich

  6. Eva

    So tolle Schuhe, ich suche schon alle Läden durch genau nach diesen Schuhen. Entweder sind sie immer zu niedrig oder haben keine Wedges. Leider sind deine wunderbaren Chloe Suede Wedges ein wenig zu teuer :) Ich gönn es dir. Liebe Grüsse. Wir sehen uns!

  7. Sandra

    ….das strickteil hinne dra gfallt mir so, herrlichi farb, es guets schnäppchen wod da gfunde häsch….(oder s schnäppchen dich :O))

  8. Larissa

    Danke Sandra-Schatzi, es Strickteil isch echt cool, aber Schnäppchen isch übertriibe… ;-)

  9. Larissa

    Vielen Dank, Eva. Lieb von dir. Hoffe wir sehen uns bald und dass du trotzdem deine Traum-Wedges findest…

  10. Larissa

    merci, maDame. ;-) küsschen nach Bern

  11. Larissa

    Tamara, thank you! I still can’t believe my luck…

  12. Larissa

    Thanks Caty ;-)

  13. Larissa

    Thanks Shin, yes, that’s a tattoo on my leg. It’s a dragon…

  14. Hanan

    Hi :)
    Would you kindly tell me what’s the store called :) and wheres the best shopping area in Zurich


  15. Evi von

    Bei dir sieht es ja toll aus, aber du bist vermutlich auch der Typ dazu. Ich kann mich mit diesen Schuhen einfach nicht anfreunden.

    LG, Evi

    PS ich wünschte, es ginge mehreren Frauen so, dann wären allen einige scheußliche Anblicke erspart :-)

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