Can you keep a secret?

Every girl has her beauty secrets. So here I am to share mine with you. I show you my number one’s in beauty products. The one I will take with me to an island, the one I can’t live without anymore, the one I searched for a very long time. I wish girls would share beauty secrets more, because the range and variety of products nowadays is soooo huge. I was often lost in translation with what I really need, what is nice to have and what is pure luxury. So here are my secrets. I would be curious to know yours!

A few months ago I bought my first Kiehl’s product: The Kiehl’s creme with silk groom – inspired by Garance Doré and Alexa Chung. Since then I’m using it very intensively.

The Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate is treating your skin and your mood very well. It has Lavender in it which calms you down after a stressful day. And during the night it recovers your skin and makes it healthy and shiny when you wake up in the morning. I love that product!

My third Kiehl’s product is the Coriander body lotion. I always searched for the perfect body lotion and I found it. It smells so good, it makes me want to eat my skin. And at the same time it really nourishes my skin and makes it super smooth. This body lotion is a hell of a product.

The flash recharge mask from Biotherm is perfect after a wild night. It makes you immediately wide awake and your skin as well. And it smells like a fresh summer day.

The Biotherm Nutrisource for lips is currently unavailable. But I really hope Biotherm is creating a very similar product as I love this lip creme.

I never had problems with dark circles under my eyes. But the YSL touche éclat radiant touch is adding an immediate freshness to your face when applied.

And last but not least my Artdeco high precision liquid liner for eyes: I never was able to make cat eyes with the common eye liners but with this one it’s so very easy. It makes cat eyes within a 1 minute. Just what I need!

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  1. Sandra

    I go for midnight recovery concentrate then, i love lavender…skin like velvet, yessyessss, :O)) schmmmmmatz…..

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