My Monchhichi

I loved these strange bear-like puppets when I was a little girl. Me and my sister played a lot with them. They looked so cute that every time you see them your heart melt like butter. But somehow I forgot them, because I never saw them again when grown up – until now. I found it again and just had to buy it. Sooo cute it lights up my day every time I use my keys. It’s amazing how a thing from your childhood is able to put you in such a good mood and bring these memories of days without sorrow and duties. My Monchhichi stands for these days and when I look at it I feel my inner child.

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4 Responses to “My Monchhichi”

  1. Sarah

    aaahhww… so cute!

  2. sabi

    hihi so luschtig!
    dvanessa und ich händ au so eis :) mies isch als erdbeerli verchlaidät :)

  3. Larissa

    @Sabi: Machemer mol e Monchhichi Familä Zämekunft! hihi jööö es Erdbeerli, nei wiä süess…

  4. Larissa

    @Sarah: Thanks Sarah…

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