My sister has the talent to surprise me every time anew! Last week she brought me this beautiful gemstone and I immediately loved it!

I discovered the beauty of gems with her and due to her enthousiasm for gemstones. Sometimes, visiting her at the store where she works and having an uncountable amount of jewels in front of me I really have difficulties to deside which ones I should take…. But her, she’s got the eye for it! She knows every single stone  and most important my taste, so she does a pretty nice selection for me! I love that! :O)

This gemstone is an rainbow obisidian! It has a black round eye in the middle and coloured rings around it, which look different depending on the light incident! Unfortunately, you won’t see it that well in the picture, but I tell you, it is absolutely pretty!

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3 Responses to “Obsidian”

  1. Tamara

    Beautiful! Did she make it?

  2. Belén

    Hi Tamara,
    no she didn’t. But she’s actually the one that choses the pieces they sell at the store.
    love, Belén

  3. maDame

    wow..beautiful!! Das gseht u mysteriös us!! sehr aziehend!! krass. lovee <3

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