Kaufrausch,  a second hand designer store run by Karin Seger, organizes twice a year a sale where you can do some really nice bargain buys! This time the event took place at the Kaufleuten Lounge. Apart of the normal second hand assortment, newly there were few stores represented, such as Glam.in, Vestibule and Grilis. They were mainly selling their last season goods but also pitching their new things to the fashionistas. With success I tell you! I really enjoyed the atmosphere – relaxed shopping on a Saturday is usually a mission impossible!

Most of all, I enjoyed Glam.in’s corner! It’s a real hot spot to shop unique and extraordinary pieces! I got my hands on this grateful gold necklace with a leaf pendant. It turned out to be a real leaf dipped in gold. With Bernadette, my friend who brought me to Kaufrausch and Daniela, the charming seller and owner of Glam.in, that purchase was real shopping pleasure!

Aww, and there it was, that eye-catching ring! Amazing jade green statement piece! (UN)fortunately, it didn’t fit perfectly, what treated my purse with care that time! I look forward to Glam.in’s online store (coming soon). Meanwhile, I might pop in at Glam.in’s store to get a taste of the whole collection :O)




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8 Responses to “kaufrausch”

  1. sarah

    I like the pics of this store! Rings are just amazing!!

    I need your help, if you like my look please vote me here


    your vote is very important for me thank you!

  2. Julia

    So toll!! werde nächstes mal bestimmt vorbeischauen!!

  3. Karole

    Yo he estado buscando desde have mucho tiempo un collar asi! Mi mama tenia el mismo en los 70’s-80’s. Era de oro y colgaba una hoja baniada en oro. Tan cool! Habia mas?

  4. Shin

    Wow, they have a pretty good selection of shoes and I’m obssessed with that green ring you’re wearing! xoxoxoxoo

  5. Tamara

    Wow, these look fabulous! I wish I could have gone… so many beautiful things to choose :)

  6. Belén

    Hola Karole!
    Gracias por el comment!! sinceramente no sabria decirte si aun les queda un collar asi… pero pasa por el negocio de ellos! Realmente tienen cosas muy lindas!
    Sino tambien en el Globus hay varios negocios que venden cadenitas parecidas.


  7. Belén

    Karole, estuve en contacto con las chicas de Glam.in y me dijeron que aun tienen collares con hojitas…tienen varias pero solo en plata! abrazo

  8. Mhm. Sasani

    Nice designs and creations. This Rings shows sasanian empire culture at the past. Congratulations. Good Luck in another designs.

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