How Spaghetti Vongole saved my week

Last week my boyfriend went to Holidays and I was home alone. First it sucked, especially on Sunday. I realised how this day is a totally couple’s day. Then the first few days I didn’t have any ideas what to cook in the evening because cooking for one isn’t that fun. On Wednesday I suddenly realised that my boyfriend hates a lot of food I absolutely love to eat, for example nearly any kind of seafood. I decided to cook Spaghetti Vongole for myself. And suddenly I started to love cooking for my own again as I did in my single years. Here is the result of my Wednesday dinner for one.

It was delicious and really simple: Vongoles, olive oil, onions, garlic, herbes and tomatos. Then deglaze the vongoles with white wine, and add the spices, herbes and tomatos short before finish cooking. Don’t forget to remove all the open mussels before and all the closed ones after cooking.

Parallel of course preparing the Spaghettis, mix it all together (remember Jamie Oliver’s face: He always looks like he would love to jump right into the food he’s mixing – I had the same expression.) and for the look add some fresh green herbes. Voilà! Spaghetti Vongole can be served… (how can one hate seafood, I don’t get it!)

But when he came back on Saturday I was really happy. Spaghetti Vongole can maybe save a week but not replace my man…

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  1. Sandra

    arrrrrrr…….du weisch nöd, welch höllequale ich grad erlide und wa du mir mit dem herrliche bild atuesch…..hahahaha. ha s gfühl, ich müess nur löffel und gable id hand neh und los gehts…aber nei…heeeeul :O)))))) XX

  2. Sandra

    …und wegklicke goht au nöd….helfed mir…

  3. Sandra


  4. Sandra

    ..ich cha doch jetzt nüme afange choche…….

  5. Sandra

    …also….ich han jetzt (würklich und das verübliche eu allne wo mir nöd gholfe händ) barilla nr. 7 (die dicke, allerallerbeste) mit (halt notfall) pesto rosso und parmigiano verspiese… gsättigt…und cha dem teller…-jetzt- widerstah…(chind, glaubmer….-..ja…es isch so..)….danke! :O)))

  6. Larissa

    hahahah oooh ich liäb dich, mini Psycho-Fründin! Ich muess Spaghetti Vongole UNBEDINGT mol für dich choche, du würsch es liäbe! Knutschiiii

  7. Foto Leinwand

    (how can one hate seafood, I don’t get it!) –> I do, but have to say your dish looks quite good :)

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