Obsessed with flares

Although every fashionista in the world wears them it seems like the trend of flares have not yet landed here. I’m desperately seeking flares. Though I have to admit that I was not yet in many shops in good old Switzerland. For once I guess I have to make my way out of my flat and shop in real life in real shops. During the busy time that lies behind me I have developed into an exclusively online shopper.

I just love this freedom of shopping at any day or night time, of trying clothes on at home and not have to queue for the changing rooms and again stand in line to pay. But pants, even worse flare pants, I really need to try them on and I don’t want to order 5 pants at home and end up returning all 5 again.

But for now I leave you with some of my favourite flare inspiration… Still not decided if I want jeans flares or wide leg pants. What would you choose?

pictures by Stockholm Streetstyle

pictures by Vanessa Jackman

pictures by Street Style Aesthetics

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