The tricky denimdress

To say “my sister is beautiful”  always sounds a bit vain to me, because most of the time sisters resembles each other a lot. But I do think my sister Oriana is beautiful and I can say that without give a hidden compliment to myself. My sister and I don’t resemble each other a lot, except the fact that we’re both half Asian, half Swiss and look younger than we are (good genes, yeah!). And that’s very often the reason why we get taken for one another here in Switzerland. “Asians all look the same!” was a sentence we heard too often. The funny fact is that Asians think the same about Europeans.

My sister has a lot of different features compared to me and she is way more photogenic than I am. This is why I really enjoyed taking her pictures the other day. In these pictures she wears a denimdress from Mango. It’s dead pretty. But for flat girls like we are, the neckline is very low and kind of tricky. If you walk like a dancer with a very straight lined back than it works, but we don’t do that, so: helloo boobies! But no worries, we fixed it with a safety pin.

Oriana wears a denimdress from Mango / hat thrifted / shoes and scarf from H&M

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