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The diva and the stripes

Mai 15th, 2011 — 10:38pm

Although my sister is a very natural girl, she sometimes can act like a little diva (like we all do). This look is perfect for little divas. It’s eye-catching and extravagant yet modern and fresh. These pictures are the last of our mini shooting. I like these pics the most. Because of the colour combination, the poses of my sister and the light. The outfit reminds me a bit of what Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl likes to wear. Especially the green coat..

It was the first outfit we shooted. But as you can see Oriana striked the poses from the begin like a prof. Thaaaank you, sis! Continue reading »

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The tricky denimdress

April 23rd, 2011 — 9:16am

To say “my sister is beautiful”  always sounds a bit vain to me, because most of the time sisters resembles each other a lot. But I do think my sister Oriana is beautiful and I can say that without give a hidden compliment to myself. My sister and I don’t resemble each other a lot, except the fact that we’re both half Asian, half Swiss and look younger than we are (good genes, yeah!). And that’s very often the reason why we get taken for one another here in Switzerland. “Asians all look the same!” was a sentence we heard too often. The funny fact is that Asians think the same about Europeans. Continue reading »

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On repeat

März 5th, 2011 — 8:09pm

As promised a long time ago… here finally an outfit post with my oversized clutch! I use it almost every day – feels like hearing a song on repeat! hahaa…

Hope you like the it!

I wish you a wonderful weekend!


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Claire’s Avocado/Mango-Salat

Juni 20th, 2009 — 10:01pm

Claire, die Freundin von meinem ehemaligen WG-Gspändli Tobi, zeigte mir diesen Salat und es war Liebe auf den ersten Biss. Seitdem steht er bei mir regelmässig auf der Speisekarte. Und viele die diesen Salat probieren können nicht glauben, was für eine fantastische Kombination die süsse Frische der Mango mit dem cremigen Touch der Avocado ergibt. Gut schmeckt der Salat vor allem zu Grilladen im Sommer, zu feinem Lachs in Alufolie aus dem Backofen oder einfach so. Continue reading »

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