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It’s been a while…

April 12th, 2011 — 12:22am

The weather is just too great to sit in front of the computer and blog. Ok, you’re right, I’m only looking for a good reason why I have been so lazy in posting lately. But I am back! For good? I hope so!

It was another absolutely amazing weekend in Switzerland, and I can’t believe it’s only April. It feels like June! And I love it. Most of the things make more fun when the sun is shining. Like for example shopping at the fleamarket. Saturday afternoon I went to Zurich’s most colourful fleamarket (Kanzlei Flohmarkt). Continue reading »

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the city princess shoes

März 7th, 2011 — 7:30am

After this crazy time with finishing my bachelor thesis I just had to do myself something good. What girls need after a time full of stress is buying shoes, right? I went to my favourite shoe store in Zurich. And then, THEY were standing there. I remembered last Autumn when I first discovered them on the web, immediately fell in love and from then on craved them silently. Because the price – well, it was too much of a reason why to not buy them – no matter how pretty they were. Continue reading »

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remembering New York…

Dezember 22nd, 2010 — 2:57pm

Every time I wear this cream colored blouse it reminds me of New York! I bought it there and as everything in and from NY it was love at first sight! The blouse is from H&M – yes I know I shouldn’t go to NY to spend my money on H&M stuff, since there is a H&M store in every second corner where I live! But I just couldn’t overcome the temptation ;O) I guess you understand why, hahaa… Continue reading »

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Strampler für den Sommer

August 15th, 2010 — 3:28pm

Ich weiss, der Sommer ist vorbei. Zumindest in der Schweiz. Aber für die Akten, dieser Sommer war für mich der “romper”-Sommer. Romper sind Strampler für grosse Mädchen. Continue reading »

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hello sunshine

Mai 13th, 2010 — 10:56pm

Die Regentage können jetzt langsam, aber sicher wieder aufhören. Mit einem gelben Kleid huldigen wir der Sonne und versuchen sie wieder hervorzulocken…. Continue reading »

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Vintage von Kimandra

September 26th, 2009 — 1:34am

80-er Jahre, klar die Dekade, welche den grössten Einfluss auf das aktuelle Modegeschehen ausübt. Doch auch die 50-er, 40er oder gar ältere Jahrzehnte nehmen in den heutigen Kreationen der Designer eine bedeutende Rolle ein (siehe Marc Jacobs Summer/Spring Show für 2010, welcher gar mit Kragen aus viktorianischen Zeiten überzeugte). Continue reading »

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